Pure Black Siberian Moomiyo Resin


45 gm of the finest Pure Black Siberian Moomiyo Resin. Mongolia Altai. Similar brand name products sell for up to $89 for a 30 gm jar. We usually only wholesale this for retail and pharmaceutical applications. No patents, pending patents, or hype; just simply what it is. Available now until stocks last.


45 gm of the finest Siberian Moomiyo Resin. Harvested in southwestern Siberia in a Miron glass jar. Mongolian Altai.

Please note that unlike our Pure Shilajit and Surya Reserve, we do not harvest or collect this product ourselves, but then neither do other companies despite what they may say. Russian industry controls the Altai moomiyo business, and they sell to the Moomiyo and ‘Shilajit’ resellers on the web and Amazon. What I can assure you of is that this is not the low-quality moomiyo that you will find on Amazon. I have a few kgs of this. It is an excellent quality Moomiyo. Sourced directly from Mongolia. Mongolian moomiyo is no longer available as the Mongolian government stopped its export after I obtained this. I was going to keep hold of it, but I feel it is better to be used by people right now as it will enhance immunity. It is a fine 5-year-old matured resin.

It doesn’t compare to our Himalayan Pure Shilajit or Surya Reserve as you do get what you pay for, but if your current budget cannot stretch to our in-house products, then this is what we recommend. It will enhance your immunity.

Similar brand name products sell for up to $89 for a 30 gm jar but this one is 45gm, and comes with no patents, pending patents or marketing hype. Available until stocks last.

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