About us

We are unique in the marketplace. When you buy from us you receive the very best Shilajit that has ever been available. We don’t have to look to outside sources for the raw material, or seek opinions on what is the best Shilajit or how to process it. Our knowledge is renowned and we are known for our integrity.

The original Pure Shilajit

The only place to buy our product online is directly from us at www.pureshilajit.com. Our operation is sustainable, so we will only produce at the level that nature readily releases. We offer a limited extra quantity of Shilajit to new customers each year and demand consistently exceeds availability.

A protocol with no compromise

We harvest the raw exudate by hand in the Himalayas. This source material is of rare and unsurpassed quality. It is then brought down from the rock face to the foothills and we purify it with the natural elements and wild harvested flora. The last stage involves potentising the product. The processing can take an entire season and creates an Ayurvedic Rasayana of exceptionally high quality.

It is the only form of Shilajit that the many worldwide traditional systems of medicine recognise as a true panacea.