In 18th Century Tibet, there lived a remarkable physician and scholar named De’umar Geshe Tenzin Phuntsog. He was the author of over 60 books, of which 25 covered the Tibetan sciences of healing and astrology, including the epic Crystal Rosary. We have summarised some basic information on Tenzin Phuntsog from the original Tibetan as the texts are yet to be translated into English.

Geshe Tenzin Phuntsog travelled extensively throughout Tibet, traversing plateaus, valleys and mountains while studying the riches of this hidden Himalayan Kingdom’s flora and fauna. He would also conduct scientific expeditions, and carried out extensive research on the mineral resources of many Himalayan regions, recording valuable data on gold, silver, copper, iron, lithium, chromium, uranium, mercury and a multitude of semi-precious stones.

In addition to all these mineral deposits, we can see that there was one substance that particularly appealed to Tenzin Phuntsog. It was Shilajit.

In Tibet, Shilajit was and still is, known as Brag Zhun. During his travels and expeditions, Geshe Tenzin Phuntsog discovered many sources of Shilajit across the Himalayas and this preeminent physician differentiated between all the various kinds that he discovered. He separated Shilajit into five main classes, and from there he created further sub-categories, sub-classes and sub-types.

Remarkably, Tenzin Phuntsog identified and created corresponding classifications for a total of 115 different types of Shilajit. An astonishing achievement.

Although Geshe Tenzin Phuntsog shared his extensive knowledge of Shilajit, it was accompanied by a warning. He cautioned that a physician must be very careful and should be very skilled to ensure that the correct kind of Shilajit is selected for the patient.

Although you may not be in the care of a physician of Tibetan or Ayurvedic medicine it is worth bringing your awareness to what Tenzin Phuntsog is saying. If you are considering purchasing Shilajit, are currently taking some, or have bought Shilajit in the past, you would do well to heed his warning as you are probably acting as your own doctor. Be cautious rather than confident when online and reading of Shilajit with promises of superiority. Although highly appealing, they are often just clever marketing ploys that cannot be substantiated.

Geshe Tenzin Phuntsog, however, was honest, and also very clear about what made the best pure Shilajit. It has to come from only the highest grade of iron-rich raw Shilajit exudate. The Ayurvedic masters of India are in complete agreement with this Tibetan knowledge. Raw Shilajit collected from the best Himalayan locations, purified using the correct method that includes the synergy of medicinal herbs and processing temperatures, processing times and heat sources is the only proven method to transform raw Shilajit into the legendary natural panacea.

You might purchase Shilajit that has been processed using a different method, but this can carry a lot of risks. For example, it could be harbouring dangerous molds and toxins. Positive short-term effects and increases in energy from the Shilajit may still be experienced, but these can run in parallel to detrimental effects that are hidden from your normal conscious awareness and act over a long period.

Geshe Tenzin Phuntsog was an 18th Century master, and he showed that correct sourcing and administering of Shilajit requires extensive skill and knowledge. It is no different in the 21st Century. Contact us if you need any assistance or guidance about Shilajit. There is no obligation to purchase. We will cut through any confusion and leave you with just the truth.