Pure Shilajit is straightforward to take. It dissolves readily in warm milk (ideal if your diet permits) or other liquid such as water or rice/soy/almond milk. The normal dose of Pure Shilajit is 0.5 gm to 1.0 gm per day over a three-month period. With this level of potency it is also possible to take a much lower daily dose such as 0.1gm. This will be determined by your own personal experience.

The following are alternative dosage amounts, as listed in ancient Ayurvedic texts. The amounts in grams are our own calculations.

The definitive Ayurvedic text, the Charaka Samhita (written 2,400 years ago), states that a user of Shilajit will be able to witness a hundred summers on Earth free from disease and decay. It says that if 3.5 kg (one tula) is taken successively, 100 years will be added to the duration of a human life. It also states that the user will see 1,000 years if they consume 35 kg.

In both cases this equals just under 0.1 gm per day. The 45 gm jar will provide you with over 15 months’ supply at the same 0.1 gm dose per day, and the 90 gm jar will provide you with over 30 months’ supply.

The Astanga Hrdayam, one of the most respected Ayurvedic texts, also records three regimens – Minimum, Moderate and Maximum:

Duration: One week

Daily Dose: 1.35 gm

Total: 9.5 gm

Vedic Measurement: One Karsa

Duration: Three weeks

Daily Dose: 0.9 gm

Total: 19 gm

Vedic Measurement: Half Pala

Duration: Seven weeks

Daily Dose: 0.76 gm

Total: 38 gm

Vedic Measurement: One Pala