Surya Reserve

Welcome to the home of the original Pure Shilajit.

We supply the highest quality, naturally purified Himalayan Shilajit in the world. It is an alchemical work of art – just like you. You can place an order for the latest batch now. We ship worldwide from our clinic and you will receive your order fast.

If you want to support your immune system in the current climate then you have come to the right place. Our products are proven immunomodulators. They will regulate and optimise your defences, and enhance your overall health. We have a dedicated following of customers, gathered over many years who settle for nothing less than the best.

“Daniel’s Pure Shilajit is the best Shilajit available anywhere and I buy with total confidence from him. He prepares it in a unique way that increases its power and keeps it from being adulterated”. – Martha Stewart.

We have well earned reputation amongst those who know as being the most trusted specialist supplier of Shilajit on the market. We carry out all Shilajit collection and processing in-house. This make us unique. Our owner is a professional in natural medicine with a career spanning 25 years. We are committed to long-term sustainability. We also follow a strict code of conduct and ethics, essential in the Himalayas to prevent exploitation of the environment and its people.

Bespoke Pure Shilajit with 24kt pure gold seal

Pure Shilajit sealed with 24kt gold. Available by special request.

For thousands of years, Shilajit has been used as a rejuvenator and an adaptogen. Many therapeutic properties have been ascribed to it, a number of which have been verified by modern scientific evaluation. Shilajit has been attributed with many miraculous healing properties. The reality is that many of these claims are true and supported by scientific evidence.

The source material is of rare and unsurpassed quality, and the harvesting and purification processes are of the highest integrity.

When held up to the sun the light that shines through is a beautiful gold. The form that we supply contains the mineral, animal, plant and sun energies of the Himalayas.

We ask you to put aside everything you think you know about Shilajit and experience what we have to offer.