Sometimes we are asked what is done to raw, authentic shilajit once it has been harvested. The aim is to remove all the impurities that may be present, while at the same time amplifying the potency.

It is an alchemical process, and is dependent on the region to make it possible. The plants of the Himalayas, the sun, fresh water and numerous other ingredients combine to realise the full potential of Shilajit. It is a process that goes back to the Vedas. It cannot be compared to attempts to purify Shilajit by standardisation, or by using solvents or only water.

To make pure Shilajit you have to draw the impurities out while at the same time potentising the Shilajit. The process includes purification with various ingredients, including Himalayan wild flowers and fruits, which have themselves been hand picked and blended. Also required is plenty of time, experience, skill and reverence for the process. Only when Shilajit has been through this process is it considered to be a purified and a true Rasayana.