I take your Shilajit just before sitting for meditation facing the sunrise and it is unbelievable to feel the harmony of the universe with such precision. This substance is sacred.
– Monica Bertauld, Director, Centre de Yoga Iyengar de Chatou, France

Shilajit of this quality is the real deal, a true Rasayana, and deserves respect. It is seasonal and scarce we tend to run out quickly. We ship you 45gm or 90gm. These amounts equate to a 3 month supply at 500mg or 1000mg a day respectively. These dosages are the accepted traditional amount. The quantity and this duration is designed to have a profound effect. The latest batch is currently available.   To make a reservation enquiry or to receive further information please use this form:


The ordering process is very simple and fast. All details, cost and payment link are sent on receipt of your enquiry. Your Pure Shilajit can be sent by registered mail or next-day courier, wherever you are in the world. A percentage of revenue is donated directly to a Hanuman temple in the India Himalayas.

Shilajit is sold as a dietary supplement. We are not allowed to make claims as to its ability to treat or cure disease. Please see the resources section for general information on Shilajit.