The first of the fresh Pure Shilajit for 2015 is ready and shipping from today.

This has been a challenging time for us logistically but such can be the nature this work. I’m delighted that we now have some of our 2015 batch of Pure Shilajit finished and ready to send out to our customers. Contact us if you would like to reserve some. 45 gm and 90 gm amounts are available.

Priority goes to existing customers but if you haven’t ordered before, the sooner you contact us the better as it will easier to see what we can allocate to you. If you have emailed in the past week and have yet to receive a reply, please check your email later tonight.

I am in the clinic for the rest of the month and will answer all emails the same day. You can ask for a call back to a landline or cell/mobile if that’s easier. Just let us know.

Many thanks,